Compass Box Whiskies with Pete Friello

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1-15-19 • Pete Friello of Compass Box Whiskies and Tim Rabior of General Horseplay will be teaching the history, ins, outs, and applications of scotch and whiskies. A full education on history and styles of scotch. Followed by a tasting on Compass Box Whiskies with happy hour.

Mexican Spirts with Jules Mavromatis

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11-14-18 • Jules Mavromatis will be here from William Grant & Sons to talk about their Mexican Spirits Portfolio ft. Milagro Tequila, Montelobos Mezcal, and Ancho Reyes Poblano Liqueur. We dive into the history and science of agaves and poblanos, and how it has exploded in the world market.


camus & Cognac as a spirit category


9-13-18 • join us as we dive deep into the history and production of the world's most coveted brandy: Cognac.

General Horseplay Bar Manager Tim Rabior and Camus Cognac Representative Michael Ponce will be speaking about Cognac as a spirit category and how Camus seperates itself from the rest of the spirits from the region.

Light snacks and punch will be served during the seminar 1pm-3pm, followed by a Camus Cognac Happy Hour from 3pm-6pm. À votre Santé!

St. George Distillation with Paul Skiera

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